So simple but so beautiful. I would love to give this as a wedding favour - they just look so elegant. The obvious shape of a honey comb combined with a modern glass case and just a hint of rustic flavour, thanks to the wooden seal. Who knew honey could look this way?!

Well apparently Maksim Arbuzov did. It’s a shape you think that people would have thought of before when designing honey packaging, but I don’t think it could have been pulled off in a way that makes honey look like a delicacy. 

VIA:// The Inspiration Grid & Maksim Arbuzov



It’s that time of year…

It’s getting colder and colder as the days go on, and more and more we begin to see Christmas lights popping up across rooftops. I love the holidays and look forward to spending this time with my family. This year is even more exciting as me and P have our first Christmas in our first place. It will be so exciting to wake yup together, enjoy a nice breakfast and open gifts together. Though, I will miss waking up at my parents, forcing them out of bed, and enjoying the many laughs we share every Christmas morning. Things are changing but I know life has so many beautiful things in store for us.

Since I haven’t posted in a while, here is something that caught my eye on The Dieline. The stitching reminds me of Christmas/Holiday Season. I love stuff like this, things that have you interact with the art. I feel that this kind of stuff will be what help us to not loose the love for real life, physical objects. It was created by Heather Lins, a design entrepreneur. Check out more of her creations on her site, or check out The Dielines post about these adorable calendars to learn more about the project.



I want to get back to designing in my spare time. 

I want to create beautiful things and share them with people who will appreciate them.

I want to paint, and draw.

I want to take pictures and play around with them to create something new.

I want to create more clothes and crochet fun things.

I want to simply clean off my computer, but that probably wont happen, and will be one of the last things to happen.

But whats holding me back? I have no idea…I feel like it has been so busy that I don’t have time to enjoy these things. Were always on the go, which isn’t a bad thing. I just wish I sorted my time out better. I guess I just have to wait for a quiet day and commit to doing one of these things. I’m loving my life right now, these are just things I’m missing.

Any advice?

- Stay Golden <3

Day Two: Favorite Animal - I love these beautiful animals for so many reasons 

I went with something more simple in this drawing. Elephants are so gorgeous and you can see that even when their drawn so minimal. Their shape is so well recognized and can be drawn without taking your pencil off the paper. Much like a good logo, it&#8217;s a memorable quality to have. 

- Stay Golden

Day Two: Favorite Animal - I love these beautiful animals for so many reasons

I went with something more simple in this drawing. Elephants are so gorgeous and you can see that even when their drawn so minimal. Their shape is so well recognized and can be drawn without taking your pencil off the paper. Much like a good logo, it’s a memorable quality to have.

- Stay Golden

I&#8217;ve started a 30 day drawing challenge. Here&#8217;s day one from yesterday. 

Day one: Yourself. 

I love stuff like this. I&#8217;m trying to push my ideas, so well see where it goes as I make my way through the drawings. 

-Stay Golden

I’ve started a 30 day drawing challenge. Here’s day one from yesterday.

Day one: Yourself.

I love stuff like this. I’m trying to push my ideas, so well see where it goes as I make my way through the drawings.

-Stay Golden


It begins again…interviews.

To start, I already wrote this post once and then had a ton of things go wrong and It didn’t save a draft or anything which made me really mad…just saying. So this post may suck because it’s half assed of the previous one.

Anyways. I have started to look for jobs again, as once again me and P are moving. But this time we are moving home which I am happy about. Now I can see all my family and friends without having to drive two hours first. Marvelous, I know.

So I just began my search and have been applying to a ton of jobs. I already landed two job interviews which feels like a good start.

Ever since my “bad interview” in Ottawa I have been going in being myself and not stressing. I want people to want me because I’m a good designer and a good person. Sometimes when I see job posting they ask for your favorite blog or brands - I feel like if your answers aren’t what they are expecting you have already lost your chance. Even though that doesn’t really say much about you as a person or possibly a designer. I know they want you to be up to date or current, but maybe you have your own way of keeping up. That’s just how I feel though.

Well I went to the interview and they greeted me kindly, we went into a room and began to talk. The job posting was looking for a designer an customer service individual. I am not a customer service person but I figured, why not? Well it seemed like they were looking for a person to do more then just those two things - and at a unreasonable price if you ask me. Anyways, I began to show my portfolio, I start it with a piece that lots have people told me they love, and thankfully it’s my favorite too. I hand it to her (its a book), I mention its a school piece and she stops before she even opens it and asks of I have any work I have done for “real people”…really!? I mean give me a chance! “Yes I have done work outside of school and I will get to that if you would just be so kind to let me continue pleaseandthankyoulady”. Well I didn’t say that but, you know, something like that I’m sure.

After that, I seemed to speed through my portfolio as they had no questions and showed no interest, really in any of it. I felt that my work wasn’t being appreciated and that was hard. I have put lots of hard work into each of those projects, like I’m sure many designers have, and I felt like I wanted a bit more feedback. But you can’t always get what you want right?

Well the rest of the interview went well and both the people I met were nice, and I’m sure they will find someone who wants that job and will love it. I don’t particularly believe it’s the one for me though.

To all the designer out there my advice to you is, don’t sell yourself short. You are worth more then they might think. You went to school for this and you know what your capable of. Stand up for what you have created and don’t let people tell you it’s not good enough. Everyone might not like what you do but you will find someone who will. And they will appreciate you and value you as their employee. Find a job you love, one that you want to brag to your friend and random people about. I know I will find that and I hope all designers do. Believe in yourself an your work and nothing can hold you back.

This is just my take on things. Take and leave what you’d like from it.

- Stay Golden


One Year

Wow, I can’t believe how much I have let this slide. I have got so wrapped up in life the last little while I barley remember to do things I enjoy. (I’m pretty sure I said this in my last blog :P)

It has almost been the one year mark that I have lived in Ottawa and we will soon be moving again. I can’t believe how much has happened in the last year. I was sad to be moving here at the start and now I am sad to be going. I feel that I have learned a lot - with so many changes happening in such a short time how can you not? 

I moved here after school to stay with a person that I love. It seemed hard at first, all we had was each other. I was use to so many people to take advice from or to lean on when I needed help. But as time went on you realize that sometimes that all you need. And if you have no one - you always have yourself to get you on the right path. I learned to compromise and know when there is something worth fighting for.

Don’t fight over those small things, they may seem like a big deal at the time, but why waste the little time you have with someone fighting over dirty dishes? There’s bigger problems in the world then dirty dishes. 

I went for my goal to work at a graphic company and after much trial, error and a few kicks in the ass I got there. I learned to push myself and just be who I am - don’t try to be this person that they are hoping you will be. 

We got our dog and he taught me so many times how to be patient. VERY patient. He’s been a handful but he helps me to not be selfish with my time. I’ve grown to love the walks and not be lazy…well most of the time. Enjoy whats around you! Especially since global warming is just fucking it up.

I have realized how important your friends are. Keep the ones close who care for you as much as you care for them. Is there a point to having 20 friends that are never there for you? I’d rather have 3 that are always are. 

I have been starting to think how sad it will be to leave this apartment. As it gets closer to june I have thought how we will never be here again, in this apartment or in our lives. It’s our first place we have had together, though it will not be the last, we can never come back to where we are. 

But its on to new memories and new places. I don’t know where life will take me in the years to come, but I am happy with where it has taken me so far. Learn from all that you do in life. It all has purpose and meaning. And read more. Or at least take time away from your electronics, we take to many things for granted. 

Stay Golden xo 


The Design World: Freelance

I realized that I stopped writing about my experiences in the design world and the challenges I’ve faced. I guess I got so busy trying to make it and started doing way to many things at once, I lost track.

I have been done for almost a year, and in some ways it feels longer then that. I started out doing freelance work while I looked for graphic jobs in the city. It started off slow and I didn’t get many responses, but after a bit it started to pick up. I found myself having three potential jobs at once. But usually only one job would follow through, IF that. I found it hard to not get discouraged and a lot of the time I felt I chose the wrong career path. There are so many other designers…better designers. And those little bastards were going to take away my jobs…but that the reality of it.

There are always going to be people who are better and more experienced. But if you love what you do, your time will come that your the stronger designer and you’ll get that job you’ve been hoping for. Everyone has a different style - embrace yours.

When times were slow I still wanted to work on building my portfolio, so I started to write to charities/non for profit organizations and see if they needed assistance with any designs. I love to help when I can. It’s giving something great to them and it’s helping me expand and grow as a designer. Yeah, you probably wont make any money off of it, but who cares. It doesn’t hurt to do it once and a while. 

But be sure when working as a new designer/for free, to not let people take advantage of you. They will try. Stand your ground and learn from mistakes as you go. You’ll probably get screwed over once or twice…maybe even more times, but just take that to your next job and be more prepared. Don’t rely on freelance if you just start out, I mean, maybe I really do just suck or everyone hates me, but you won’t have a steady paycheck. Continue to better yourself, design and practice - you’ll be more confident in yourself and your work. Just don’t be cocky - everyone hates that kind of designer. 

While all this was going on I continued to look for jobs in the Ottawa area. I also started to write to design companies and see if the head designers or owners were willing to take the time to meet with me and give me a critique on my work. I think this is a great thing to do because everyone is going to have a different view on you and your work. This can help you make a portfolio that is universal and appealing to many people. They will give you advice - take what you want from it. Try to have an open mind! Cause if you don’t there is no point to doing this if your stuck in your ways. Most people are trying and willing to help - they were once in your shoes too. 

This is all in my experience. I’m not trying to say that this is the exact way to go about finding a job or what will happen. School gives you a different perception of what you are going into and I think it can help to see what others have went through.

Overall I did enjoy freelance because you have so much freedom. I think it’s a great way to warm up to the world and see what people want. It makes you more independent and gives you a chance to expand in your portfolio with things other then fake logos and tea packages. In the end just try to enjoy what you do. You never want it to turn into something you hate - and sometimes people can make that hard. Just roll with it all and you”ll get where you want to be. 

-Stay Golden!

A Marilyn Monroe sculpture I made a while back. I wasn&#8217;t sure if I shared any images of it. So here it is! Enjoy :)

A Marilyn Monroe sculpture I made a while back. I wasn’t sure if I shared any images of it. So here it is! Enjoy :)

Emma Watson Illustation ♥

Emma Watson Illustation ♥