Okay, I seriously suck at this.


I use to love posting and blogging on my tumblr. Now its such a small part of what I do - and i’m finding it hard to get back into it.

But I have made it a goal of mine to AT LEAST post once a week. I even put I reminder on my phone…I know…brilliant ;)

Well last time I left off by talking about living in Kingston. When I wrote that last post we were renting a room with one of P’s friends and since then we have moved on and upgraded to living on the water…cause were fancy like that.

People have said the novelty of living on the water wears away after time. That is something I can not believe. Everyday when I wake up and stare out the floor to ceiling windows we have, to the gorgeous view of the lake - I smile. How can something so beautiful get ‘old’ or ‘boring’?

It helps to remind you to enjoy those little things that you don’t appreciate.The world is such a beautiful place and I am so lucky to have this chance to live here - many people will never live on the water - but I wish it was something everyone could try. Everyday feels like a vacation. Everyday you wake up to gorgeous sunrises and end it with a beautiful sunset. Any worry that you may have picked up while going about your day or working just seems to disappear when you come home and sit on the dock. 

Our neighbors are some of the nicest and most genuine people I have met in a long time. People like that are hard to come by so I’m making sure I appreciate it everyday. Though we have not lived here long and they have had a tight knit group for a while, they welcomed us in right away. Making friends came so easy on this street and these are friends that I want to keep in my life.

Life just feels the way it should - carefree and fun. Even though we all work during the day, every night feels like the weekend. 

Almost everyone has a dog or two and they all run and play around the street. Free of leashes and boundaries. Smoke has grown so much by living here. Hes not as shy around people and he can even be left alone now. These past few months have taught all of us so much and I am so thankful.

Though at times, I miss home and all my old friends. I always wish that they could come up and see what I get to live everyday and enjoy it with me. But at the front of my mind I always remember that I have Pete and Smoke. My boys. They make me laugh everyday and I don’t know what I would do without them.

I came to Kingston with the same intentions I had when I went to Ottawa. I wanted to be able to be close to P and experience life together, as well as see what kind of opportunities it had for jobs. Both cities have taught and showed me so many new things that have helped me grow as a person and a designer. But without Peter I think there would have been many time that I would have stopped trying or gave up.

Hes been there supporting me through both the good and bad, and I want to take a second to thank him for that. I would not have been able to experience these things in my life if he didn’t include me in his. I appreciate all that he has done for me and for always being that person I knew I could rely on. It’s been a tough couple of months but being with him everyday makes it easier.

On the 21st of October it will be our five years together. We have been thinking back to when we first started dating and we see how much our lives have changed. We went from living at home, to living 5 hours away, on our own, and with a dog. I’m grateful I have had someone as wonderful as him to experience it with and can’t wait to see what happens next. 

I know this post might seem lame and lovey dovey - but I don’t care :) I’m so happy and want to share my love, happiness and smiles with everyone. 

I would love to hear what makes everyone else happy and smile - care to share?


One Year

Wow, I can’t believe how much I have let this slide. I have got so wrapped up in life the last little while I barley remember to do things I enjoy. (I’m pretty sure I said this in my last blog :P)

It has almost been the one year mark that I have lived in Ottawa and we will soon be moving again. I can’t believe how much has happened in the last year. I was sad to be moving here at the start and now I am sad to be going. I feel that I have learned a lot - with so many changes happening in such a short time how can you not? 

I moved here after school to stay with a person that I love. It seemed hard at first, all we had was each other. I was use to so many people to take advice from or to lean on when I needed help. But as time went on you realize that sometimes that all you need. And if you have no one - you always have yourself to get you on the right path. I learned to compromise and know when there is something worth fighting for.

Don’t fight over those small things, they may seem like a big deal at the time, but why waste the little time you have with someone fighting over dirty dishes? There’s bigger problems in the world then dirty dishes. 

I went for my goal to work at a graphic company and after much trial, error and a few kicks in the ass I got there. I learned to push myself and just be who I am - don’t try to be this person that they are hoping you will be. 

We got our dog and he taught me so many times how to be patient. VERY patient. He’s been a handful but he helps me to not be selfish with my time. I’ve grown to love the walks and not be lazy…well most of the time. Enjoy whats around you! Especially since global warming is just fucking it up.

I have realized how important your friends are. Keep the ones close who care for you as much as you care for them. Is there a point to having 20 friends that are never there for you? I’d rather have 3 that are always are. 

I have been starting to think how sad it will be to leave this apartment. As it gets closer to june I have thought how we will never be here again, in this apartment or in our lives. It’s our first place we have had together, though it will not be the last, we can never come back to where we are. 

But its on to new memories and new places. I don’t know where life will take me in the years to come, but I am happy with where it has taken me so far. Learn from all that you do in life. It all has purpose and meaning. And read more. Or at least take time away from your electronics, we take to many things for granted. 

Stay Golden xo 


I made some basic Christmas Cards to send out to friends and family. Their pretty basic but I thought it was more fun then just buying a card. I wish they were embossed. But maybe next year I’ll feel more creative. I should do a random funny one… What do you think?