I made these for a friend.
♥ Peter pan. 



It’s getting closer and closer! I will be moving soon with Peter! Gah, I can’t wait!

We have been super busy lately trying to find apartments and furniture. Were lucky that we hve enough connections and have received free stuff. Like an amazingly comfortable lazy boy from my moms friend. So great.

The apartments were looking at are really nice, and most seem to have a pool…which is a bonus! It’s fun looking around for all the little things we need. But at the same time it’s stressful thinking of all the stuff we need! I just can’t wait to explore a new city and area, it’s going to be a whole new adventure. I like adventures.

I’m still looking for a job so I’ll have to wait and see what happens. Right now I’m creating a business card for myself and hopefully I can get more freelance work. I’m doing some pro bono work for the Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation, which I’m happy about because it touches a subject that is close to me. It’s turning out good so ill have to wait and see what they think.

- Stay Golden!